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Looking for Something Different, Why not try Personalising your Label

Are you always looking for new and innovative ways to sell to current and potential customers. Marketing, of course, is a huge part of the selling process. But yesterday’s one-size-fit-all communication plan no longer resonates with Boomers or Generation X, Y, or Z. Savvy marketers are continually realizing the increasing ROI benefits of individualized and personalised communications. The marketplace is showing that sixty-three-year-old Fred is interested in different product benefits than forty-five-year-old Sharon, and twenty-two-year-old Chloe comes from a different world completely.  This evolution toward targeted, one-to-one messaging has the printing industry scrambling to catch up.

Think about it … we now live in a world that allows us to have it our way in almost every aspect of our lives. The courtship between a business and an individual is no different. In fact, studies show that people expect advertisements to be targeted to them or they are likely looking elsewhere. In fact, 74% of consumers get frustrated when content appears to have nothing to do with their interests (Source: Janrain & Harris Interactive). You may know this in theory or from personal preference. So how does one put targeted messaging into practice?

This is where variable-data printing comes into play. The high-level overview of variable-data printing is that a printer uses technology to drive the printing process. Using VDP software, a printed piece can now contain variable information in the form of different content and graphics. This eliminates the need for massive runs and makes it more economical to print truly individualised labels. Likewise, VDP software can extend into automating the workflow stocktake and billing processes, thus eliminating costs.

One way VDP technology can be utilised to its fullest potential is to have website visitors fill out a form for more information regarding the product or service. Within this form, the company not only finds out personal identifiers (name, address, etc.) but also requests a little more information on the visitor. The more you ask the more you stand to learn—within limits of course.

Everything we now know about a customer now becomes an important data point to consider.  Fred, 63, likes BBQ, baseball, and RV trips around the U.S.  Sharon, 45, likes Italian food, baking, exercise, decorating, and wants to travel to Italy.  Chloe, 22, likes Thai food, swimming, the beach, cats, and also wants to travel to Italy. We can then group like-minded individuals into segments. Each segment can have the message, offer, and visuals designed that will appeal to each group.

In one example Coke gathered a list of random names and variable printing allows each label to be individualised packaging that speaks to their potential customer from a cold fridge. While a standard label next to it has been seen before and does not grab any attention. Doing this creates a more meaningful touch. Likewise, a variable label can exist electronically with hundreds of different elements and can be instantly and automatically updated.

Once this information is collected it is permanently stored within the database and accessible to the bureau. The data can also be used to trigger different direct marketing campaigns including mail, emails, and pURLs.

The reality is that variable-data printing sells itself, solely by the increased ROI. According to PODi and DMA data, the response rate of non-personalised mail pieces is 2%, and a personalized piece has a response rate of 6%—that’s a 300% increase. Knowing this and having the ability to add true value to our custom labels gives us a leading advantage in label printing.