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Label Production

A highly skilled, trade qualified printing department

Super Labels specialise in multi-coloured labels carefully printed with attention to consistency in colour, image quality and position or die cutting.

We have a range of web-fed multi-colour UV rotary letterpress presses, which enable printing, die cutting, perforating, punching, laminating, varnish or sheeting as required, to be completed in-line and in one pass.

Chemical labels usually require safety warning, general instructions, precautions, size, barcode, storage and disposal directions. It is essential that this information on these labels remains readable despite the harsh conditions they are expose to. 

Super Labels have considerable experience in hazardous and dangerous chemical labels, flammable labels, liquid labels, solids and bulk commodity labels.

We manufacture all Medical and Pharmaceutical labels providing security, safety and traceability for:

Medical Supply

Personal Care

Security (Safety Seals)


Diet Supplements

Your product appearance is everything, Super Labels produce award winning labels that comply with a range of packaging materials and contents including water, oils and chemicals. We manufacture these labels to very high standards for their label's technical and aesthetic requirements.

Packaging for cosmetic items are often in squeezable packaging or tubes requiring a PE (polyethylene) face stock.

Online shopping is available for cost-effective General Manufacture of small run high quality labels on rolls.

Other premium general manufacture labels include:

Bumper Stickers

Barcode Labels

Industrial Products

Candles and Soaps

Super Labels love helping businesses find the right labelling solutions. We make custom self-adhesive labels and stickers for just about anything and everything in every shape and size.

Gold and Silver Embossed Stickers that can be used for certificates, Envelopes, Marriage Invites.

Variable Data (VDP) - Using your database to deliver labels to your specific needs importing serial numbers, barcodes, name and address or images.

Super Labels specialise in the manufacture food & beverage labels. Whether you need simple labels for produce, meat and poultry, or highly innovative labels using specialty inks, paper or film for premium foods or beverage.

You'll find our food & beverage labels on the products of the leading Australian producers such as Norco Foods and other major Supermarket Brands.