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Hot or Cold Jar & Tub Labels
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A label might look great on the roll, but if it doesn’t apply to your product’s container properly, then it won’t look good on the shelf.

If you’re experiencing label application problems, you can likely trace it back to one of five things:

  1. The size of the label. If your label is too big for your container — or not designed for a curve or taper — then it can flag or bulge. To figure out which label size is right for your product, read this article.
  2. The container itself. Discount containers often have noticeable seams and surface irregularities which can make it hard for the label to apply correctly. And tube labels come with their own set of application challenges. But regardless of the type of container, you need to make sure it’s dry and clean prior to application.
  3. The label material. Using a label facestock that’s incompatible with your container material (e.g., glass or plastic, etc.) and type (e.g., squeezable tubes or rigid bottles) can make your label prone to tearing and wrinkling. It’s a good idea to test your label materials prior to ordering.
  4. The label adhesive. If you use an adhesive that isn’t designed for your product (application temperature, service conditions, container material, etc.), it can cause labels to fail during application or use.
  5. The application environment. The temperature, humidity and even the application method (by hand or by machine) can affect how well your label adheres to your container.

This is why our Sales Team asks you so many questions before printing your label. What is your container like? Are you applying labels by hand or by machine? What is the temperature of the facility where your labels will be applied? We use your answers to select the best label material, adhesive and printing options available when you place your order.