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Chemical Labels
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Super Labels print and sell Australian diamond hazardous warning labels for workplace hazardous chemicals. The system of chemical classification and hazard communication called the GHS, which stands for Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals.

The GHS standards ensure all hazardous goods are identified the same way, and anyone who manufacturers, imports or supplies chemical compounds and substances must follow them.

As a label specialist manufacturer, you can rest assured we not only know these standards, but follow them closely.

For example, we know the self-adhesive and finish on the labels we print for polypropylene and polyethylene products must include the correct identifications, hazard and safety warnings. And we’ll print the GHS pictograms necessary for the container capacities you determine in the correct minimum sizes.

So whether your chemical manufacturing company is large or small, you can be confident your labels will comply with the GHS standards. Like all our labels, we’ll print them at the highest quality and at a reasonable price. They’ll be delivered on time, every time. We can even send the label rolls directly to your bottler.